Black White & Blue 2016

Where am I?  Fear, Sad, Hurt, Angry.

If you are white and you don’t believe the deck is stacked against those with black skin, you are naïve and/or in denial.  I am white, but I have raised 4 white children and am currently raising two black teenage boys.  It’s not the same.

If you are black and you believe white people or those in law enforcement are the root of your problems, you are naïve/and or in denial.  Victims become victimizers. 

If we open our eyes to SEE, we will have feelings about what we see.  If our heart is sensitive to feel, the gift of these feelings will come as we are awakened to our need – for someone to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.  We will need God and we will need each other.

If we are in a posture need, we can surrender the care of our lives (and those we love) to a God who sees us and still loves us.  It is true, “God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud.” (James 4:6).

Being in need is what most of us have learned to despise about ourselves, so we become self-sufficient, self-made survivors.  It is because we cannot tolerate being in need that we willfully choose not to see (denial) so we don’t have to feel and don’t have to be in need. 

Fear results in rage instead of a surrender that leads to faith. 
Sadness becomes self-pity instead of a grief that leads acceptance
Hurt becomes resentment instead of a confession that leads to healing.