Glad Angry (passion) Lonely

A year ago Interlinc called and asked if they could interview my oldest son Jay for a ConGRADulations DVD they were creating to give High School students across the country as a graduation gift.

When Jay did this short interview (a cheap camera sitting on a table with one take for each question) none of us had any idea what the next twelve months of his life would look like. 

I remember thinking as I watched him answer these questions, "Where did this kid come from?  How did my boy become such a man?  When did that happen?" 

They say in Alaska that there are four seasons:  winter, winter, winter, and winter.  

That's really not true.  There are two seasons.  Summer -- about 3 months.  And winter -- nine months.  Fall lasts about a week and Spring lasts about a week.  They happen so fast you can't even call them a season.  

In one week the trees can be full of leaves and a week later they are bare.  In the Spring when the trees start budding, they go from bare to fully leafed out in a week as well. 

When I lived in Tennessee, Fall lasted from September till November (3 months) and the Spring lasted from late February until May (3 months). 

Life is like that I think.  Sometimes growth is so slow we barely notice it's happening. Sometimes it happens so fast, we can't catch our breath.  

Here is the interview with my then Senior in High School giving himself good advice he'd need to hear a year later . . . now a freshman in college.  

God doing for Jay what Jay could not do for himself. 



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  1. Jay's voice is very Jeff-like! Hard to believe this big fella is the same little guy I used to see running around middle Tennessee. Proud to know you all!