Quick observations

Glad Fear

A couple quick thoughts:

  • A Thai baby on an airplane speaks the same language as an American baby on an airplane.

  • After going through airport security in XXXXXX, it’s apparent this country doesn’t see itself as a serious terrorist target . . . or else doesn’t care.

  • It's odd that I can write this on Thursday the 10th and post it real time on Wednesday the 9th. (the oddity of a spinning globe).

  • Sitting with an 84 year old missionary who has been here for 60 years.  A single nurse, she came here in 1951 when she was 24 and didn’t leave.  More later.

  • In every conversation the need here (and in countries nearby) is the same: trained and equipped leaders!

  • We are three years ahead of any timetable we imagined could be possible.  I can hardly grasp it let alone explain it.

  • I’ve made some significant mistakes in this area in the past (like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach) but one of my keenest gifts has been my ability to “see a leader.”  I sat with a brother yesterday and my whole insides knew it, “It will be worth my life in the Kingdom to wash this man’s feet.”

  • Yesterday alone was worth the trip.

Where am I?  In a small town that I can’t pronounce or spell.  Feeling like I was dropped from the sky into the eye of a spiritual tornado.  It’s calm where I am sitting but the work of God around me is a fierce and powerful unseen wind picking up buildings and people and governments in its wake.

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